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Hey guys! If you want to read more of the fanfic 'Dragonball Z', let me know! I think you'd like what kind of direction the story would take! ;)
   "In another world, Goku was transformed into a child by a wish made on a form of Dragon Balls that would detonate the earth if they weren't gathered in one year; the result of that was having to fight a foe who possessed Vegeta's body. 
    "As a result, Goku and Vegeta eventually learned how to implement Super Saiyan into the process of becoming Super Saiyan 4. However, Goku was taken by Shenron after the Dragonballs could not be used for another hundred years to train with the great dragon." 
    Whis asked, "Why couldn't they be used any longer?" 
    Beerus replied, "Because they would accumulate more dark energy for the creation of great evil dragons that would destroy Earth. When Goku returned from training my counterpart Danyels was curious to find out the extents necessary to fight me. King Kai told him of the Super Saiyan God legend, but there were only a few more Saiyan descendants left on Earth that would be too tedious to identify. Danyels eventually grew bored (unlike me)..."
    Whis muttered, "I've seen you pretty bored, before." 
     Beerus yelled, "Would you shut up and listen to the story I'm trying to tell you?" 
    Like that, Beerus' former teacher cowered at the fear evident in his pupil's eyes, saying, "Yes, Lord Beerus!" 
    "After destroying Earth before his eyes, Danyels' provocation was that he knew Goku could not use the power of Shenron to restore Earth after he already saved his granddaughter Pan from dying, a wish he granted to his latest descendant. As a result, knowing this irked Goku enough that he strained the dragon living inside him to the point where he jumped so many levels up from the Great Ape version of a Super Saiyan, becoming powerful enough to kill Danyels with one final Kamehameha Wave. 
    "It didn't matter; Goku's use of Shenron's power corrupted him and rekindled his rage from before his head injury, making him Kakarot once more. Rather, it's more well stated that Kakarot came out of his infant amnesia." 
    Whis yelled, "What? We're all doomed!" 
    "Not if we tell Goku that he needs to stop using that energy! Not even I can face him without arousing the possibility that Goku will think I'm coming to destroy Earth!" 
      "You're getting good, Vegeta." 
      With a stillness, he said, "You still underestimate me; just because you've trained some more doesn't mean I don't have a trick up my sleeve." 
He laughs, "Oh, yeah? Well, I don't think you need to follow the rules to become better." 
      Baffled, Vegeta asks, "What does that mean?" 
      Goku then draws his fists inward and says, "Being a Super Saiyan is not the only means of being powerful. Watch this." 
      A sudden light flickered up the whole of Goku's body and the outline of his form became much less muscular and defined; like so, Goku was back to a normal state. He said, "Becoming Super Saiyan Yellow isn't the same as being in God Form. You utilize more of your Saiyan evolution to gain power when you go from being an ape in Super Saiyan form to the next step. 
      "Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue utilize something the Saiyans couldn't work for themselves, so seeing these two extremes of power notes that there are three forms of being an actual Super Saiyan. There's what we saw as the evolution from Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 3 and everything in between; then there's the God Mode Beerus showed us. 
       "... Finally, there's Super Saiyan 4. The level beyond Super Saiyan 4 is more accurately called Super Saiyan Yellow, because it exists as a natural Saiyan counterpart to Super Saiyan Blue. However, you can't go in all three directions at once." 
       Vegeta nodded his head and agreed, saying, "There's different principles behind each form; Super Saiyan 4 relaxes the natural Saiyan rage, something you needed the head injury for to attain a balance of proper emotion necessary to reach Super Saiyan when fighting Frieza. 
       "... Then there's Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God's version of a Super Saiyan, also known as a Super Saiyan Blue. That follows a certain virtue; nonetheless, Super Saiyan can be reached with the bloodlust I once became known for. The pride. However, you and I are at an oddly parallel standpoint; whereas you lost your Saiyan rage, I lost my desire for killing. At least I don't desire to kill you." 
Powering down as well, the prince of Saiyans nodded and said, "Excellent job, Kakarot." 
       Smiling heartily, Goku said, "Finally, there's one other thing I forgot to mention... the Super Saiyan 4 or 'Great Ape Super Saiyan' form we share..." 
        Turning his shoulder in, Goku stated, "There's still rage. The ape needs to destroy something; you and I just haven't seen what a natural Saiyan would do if he were such a killer with this form." 
       "And there's no need to imagine that..." 
       With a pause, Goku said, "However, I can imagine and draw on the energy of someone who does know!", finally screaming with the rage of a great and unbridled forest fire. Down below, Professor Gohan asked, "What is he doing?" 
       Fearfully, Yamcha added, "I don't know! He looks like he's going to kill us all!" 
       From another heaven, Piccolo adds, "Goku! Stop what you're doing! You're going to kill yourself if you use all that power!" 
       Vegetea looks around with the lightning bolts absorbing him emotionally; getting somewhat worried, he yells his rival's birth name with little stop. 
All of a sudden, Goku screamed, "You may be the prince of Saiyans, but I'm the strongest of all!", continuing his legion of great yells to the sky. Finally, the maximum reach of his power drew a great source of light from around him and like that, the sky grew black. 
      On that note, Goku looked forward and said, "... This... is Super Saiyan 5." 
       Somewhere else, Beerus and Whis were in their chamber enjoying a great meal. Beerus began shuddering in absolute fear, something Whis was not capable of visualizing. Out of protection for him, Whis asked, "Beerus! Is something wrong?" 
         Beerus' feline jaw dropped, something quite horrifying. As one of the great creative deities, Beerus' form of keeping balance always extended out of the realm of harming flies. Here he was, completely horrified as he muttered,        "That is... the energy... of the Saiyan God of Universe Two! He... killed my... counterpart." 
         Whis terrifically asked, "What? What is he?" 
         "... Goku." 
         Like that, a great white being in new clothes stood before Vegeta, his bloodstream more prominent through his skin. 

              - Fin
                                              Dragonball Z 
                                            By Nicholas King

       One punch. Another. The maxim of their flurry drew upon the wind as they powered their fists through the air. These two beings made the closest impression of gods in their every kick, something defying the laws of gravity and not looking below.  

        Again, their swings gave an impression to folks below who were all too familiar with their scuffle. However, some were just there to watch, knowing full well that for some reason they weren't getting hurt. These were two folks whose power was contained inside a field of strange balance and control. It resembled a tournament where the referee was consciousness of the arena. 

         From in their force field, they were firing shots that would dissipate faster than they were fired; one shouted a legendary attack as it was blasted, another countering with one not used in decades. These two forces created a blue and a pink energy, seemingly denoting gender of their own; the electricities and crackles scintillated up the spine of the attacks like a great tug of war and impressively, there they stood in place. Pushing back harder, these lights became an air show not pursuing the need for aircraft, but mans' need to fly.

        All of a sudden, one attack awoke with a seeming fissure that somehow came from the will of its' user; the explosion allowed for one to let their attack go and fly underneath the stream like a hawk denied entrance. His gold fur and static hair wrestled with the wind as he landed a punch in the gut of his foe, capturing titan shots with delivery that two boxers weren't made of. 

       Stretching the arms of the other gold simian-breasted man wide apart from one another, he landed a headbutt in the face of his foe and another knee to the pulverized stomach. Finally, he stretched out his arm with a familiar distance summoning the illusion of a great yellow dragon that flew from behind him. 

       The make-believe beast would swallow him whole, delivering explosions from the rear of the dragon that would be the force digesting him. Through this creature dragged along the zeppelin of energy detonating itself and caught inside was the yellow furred man seemingly not fit to fight. 

       All of a sudden, this crackle became the sky and blue was no longer its' energy; instead, an explosion's series decimated the dragon whole. 
These two were of Earth's heroes and still, there was something they didn't leave behind; through the fading of dust a voice cried, "After all these years, Kakarot, you still don't have what it takes to tangle with me. I am the prince of all Saiyans!"  

    Dragonball Absalon's 4th episode is a wildfire of explosive action that involves great struggles taken to ensure an experience that would perhaps put the previous episode it was previously written with into greater context. Whereas Gotten and Trunks displayed some new power levels that weren't uncanny given the twelve year span between Absalon and GT, Gotenks' power found itself realistically challenged by Purika's power levels. 
    Similar to Baby, Purika reached Golden Oozaru, something that was once a challenge for Goku himself; by the time of the fourth episode he became a Super Saiyan 4, a natural progression someone representing a new school of Saiyans. If I didn't know better, I would liken him to Broly for the character's tragedy and Vegeta for his pride. This is a Saiyan in the classic sense of the word, as he does not see what he's doing as evil; he is acting on primal animal instinct from across the globe of the galaxy. Nonetheless, his obedience and cooperation with members of his species is severely outmatched by his desire for victory, which entails in itself great hubris. 

    The episode does better with the pacing of the fights and capturing the audience's ability to know what went on in the last episode, where some scenes were more immediate in their execution. Given that this was originally supposed to be Part Two of the last episode, the spectacle here is verified regardless of the format it's presented in. The pains taken to release this episode are the greatest things that show through in its' release, suggesting that even greater pains will be taken to ensure that new episodes get released. 

    In context with the optimistic nature of the credits, there's no denying that Melvin Dompig has captured his audience in a way the previous episodes could only do from one angle. Like Light of Hope and other works of fandom, this disciple of Toriyama has kept room open for more tellings of an already classic story and with great promise. Congratulations, Melvin!


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