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I just wanted to clarify... I loved Battle of Gods as it were any DBZ thing and I can't wait for Fukkatsu no F to arrive in the US; moreover, I'm excited for DB Super.
'Gogeta Canon'
Premise: After the defeat of Maajin Buu, Gotenks and Gogeta were created from a fusion of clones that Goku and Vegeta made of themselves and their children.
a. The World Peace Saga 
b. The Z Warriors Saga 
c. The Battle of Gods Saga
d. Etc.
   Basically, it's as I described last time I talked about this and as a result of this, it's basically a post-Buu universe that has more peace involved, but Goku can't lightly accept that life has become too peaceful for him. After Battle of Gods, that's the thing; I don't know what Super would look like, so Gogeta, Gotenks, Goku, and Vegeta becoming the most powerful characters in the whole universe would have to eventually present challenges. Since Revival of Frieza would be over much quicker, there's got to be something that follows it and it can't be the characters becoming evil. There's got to be something that follows the fight with Beerus. Let me try off the top of my head, as of May 21st, 4:28 A.M. 

D. Ah, nevermind. Why not end it there? 


1. What-ifs to be continued...
  So, I wanted to add something that may be pursued in the future, once I've finished the game! 

Dragonball Xenoverse
  So, I've been writing up lots of different ideas of how I'd pursue DBZ fanfics; as I grow into an era of wanting to just write them and let them flow naturally into great stories, I also came up with this idea of what Dragonball Xenoverse would look like if it was adapted into an anime movie. Here's what I'd do in a way similar to X-Men: Days of Future Past. 
  Trunks would summon (In place of the character you created) Goku. Jr and Vegeta. Jr from the DBGT universe as adults into the DBZ universe; my reasoning for it would simply be that Trunks as he is Time Patrol Trunks is not the Trunks of the Z timeline that existed in the Buu Saga; therefore, he is from another universe. However, the story I would write would deviate from the game slightly, but here's how. Instead of having the dark energy characters, I'd have the heroes go literally into the gist of altered circumstances (Trunks being Bulma and Yamcha's son being a minor example, the Oozaru Nappa and Vegeta, Oozaru Raditz, Absorbed-Goku-and-Vegeta-Buu-Before-They-Could-Become-Vegito, etc.) These two characters would have to face circumstances in the Z universe, but because Towa and Mira find out they're not from the timeline they're corrupting, this is beginning to have adverse effects on the GT Universe as well. As a result, the heroes of GT and Z need to band together. 
    The fact GT is not canon with Z and it is now confirmed allows the story of each circumstance to be explored; this is an idea I'm letting incubate like End of the Summer, because I want to focus on my main original works and eventually get The Ghost of Batman into a place where I'm capable of drawing it; it's a story that I promise will make Amalgam Comics look like shit. Fun shit, nonetheless. Now here's a story I don't think I'd work on, necessarily, so much as write a one-pager for. 

Dragonball Z: The Legendary Super Saiyan
Basically, the saga layout is this. 
a. End of the Frieza Saga
b. The Cell Saga 
c. The Bojack Saga
d. The Broly Saga
   Basically, this is the story you'd get with the following rules: 
a. Goku is a Super Saiyan/The Legendary Super Saiyan and there is only one every thousand years. 
b. Goku uses it to defeat Frieza, but his heart's purity as a result of his infant head injury causes him to suffer a split personality when he uses it; it's a state only capable of being accessed in Saiyan rage. As a result of learning from Trunks that it's causing a heart virus, he has to stop using it. 
c. Gohan has a special hidden potential that allows him to defeat Cell without going Super Saiyan. 
d. Goku doesn't come back after he dies. 
  The Bojack Saga is where Gohan has to figure out how to fight without Goku helping him for the first time since the Garlic .Jr Saga; the Broly Saga is where Gohan meets Broly, who is a very peaceful warrior by contrast. Not being the Legendary Super Saiyan actually made him more capable of being docile than Goku at birth, so he rebelled against his father and killed him. This causes Broly and Gohan to become friends, but it ends with the conclusion that Gohan realizes something isn't right. This would be the page I'd use to lead into Dragonball Xenoverse, in fact; this is a situation that displays temporal altering of the rules of reality, like the ability of Saiyans to go SSJ. Goku. Jr and Vegeta. Jr are literally fighting through timelines of different events and therefore, different realities. I could see Goku. Jr and Vegeta. Jr feeling some emotional attachment to the idea of Broly being a virtuous character and having to say goodbye. As a result, I want to see if I can bend some more emotionally wrenching situations out of characters that only Goku. Jr and Vegeta. Jr can face, because they don't know the history of DBZ or GT! 


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