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Give it up for RyugaSSJ3, Dindakai, PrydzAnimation, and Sam Gorusch!
Hey, guys! What's up? We've got a new song, a cover of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan, made perfect by Eric Clapton and then Guns 'N' Roses! Always up here ( I've had the luxury of being able to put up a lot of new songs lately, mainly covers. That's not my tool of trade, but a cover is a very accessible thread for being able to display your musical ability; that's why we have fanart, fanfiction, and other things. It feels good to be so productive, lately; seeing how I hate my school and all, it's a nice antidote to what feels like an uninspiring atmosphere. 

   I've been working on some fanfic concepts as of late, one of which is a new Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic story. It's a re-envisioning of the series that will make itself fairly obvious, once I release the 'pilot', as in a preliminary sneak peak story. Meanwhile, I have another story coming up called "The Ghost of...", which will have lots of surprises. 

  I like the element of surprise in a fanfic; it makes me able to make the reader pay close attention to the details and think harder about your story, even if it's a surprise that's off-kilter. If you look back in my journal section to Avatar: Darkness of the Spirits (Which is something I intend to rewrite, later on, like Dragonball: Future Past), you'll see that I included Korra herself in the era of my fic, which is set four years after the original series. This is before I saw Book Two, but I can certainly say I predicted that there would be a lemur named Pak (The Rift, Part Two) and that the Dark Avatar would have a 'U' as the first letter of his name. It took Pik and Pak and Unalaq to make that something I can probably take credit for. That's definitely not to be self-aggrandizing; in some sense, it makes me feel closer to my idols, Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino. 
  I want to say, because I've noticed people perhaps not commenting on people's posts or pics as often as other sites, it can be disheartening to see my artist friends like Sam Gorusch (Jet-Kyo), Sasquatch/FiskPhantom and RyugaSSJ3 when they aren't getting complements. Of course, it's a good thing I have the ability to write this blog and put down my feelings, because I'm in kind of a position right now where I feel like my environment is not conducive to being upfront about who I am, which I usually am all the time. I think my ability to speak without a filter and my honesty are things I try to work on through my art. I am a generally honest person and I never lie, so it's hard to live in an environment where people lie about themselves and in some sense, not giving artistic criticism or comments is another version of lying. I'm not saying DeviantArt is that environment, but it doesn't have to be. If you're reading this, see if you can give praise; praise takes courage. 

   Alright, guys! That's all for now, but make sure you stay on the up and I'll have plenty of dates! Get it? 'Up'-'dates?' 

    I needed to tell a bad joke, for once. 

Pleased to announce a surprise short story 'pilot', apart from the one I already mentioned! 

Stay tuned!
Got a new Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic story 'pilot' coming up (As in a brief short story!) 

Stay tuned!


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