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Summary: Bardock's son Kakarot is the prince of the Saiyan empire.

Comments: This too is actually based on a previous what-if column, but it's better updated to include a tribute to Malik Studios' Dragonball New Age by having Vegeta's son be Raditz, a reference to the character of Rigor. Basically, this story is what it would be like if Kakarot were the prince of the Saiyans, so the story revolves mainly around these characters. 
a. Kakarot 
b. Nappa
c. Raditz
d. Vegeta 
e. King Bardock 

   I have it so that the Galactic Trade organization conquers Earth thanks to Raditz, so the main emphasis is on the Saiyans; I usually don't like how events in what-if fanfics solely revolve around switching events, so I don't have it so that Vegeta gains the ability to read the future. Instead, I'm going to have him become a character in the series after the destruction of Planet Broly; that, and why not have Bardock keep his ability to see visions of the future? That honestly makes it a better story. 
  Of course, this would revolve mainly around the intergalactic saga as Kakarot is slated to defeat Frieza. It starts when Kakarot and his fellow characters are adults, so we get a look at the difficulty that the Saiyans have in trying to restart their existence. For example the Galactic Federation Earth is where the Saiyans are trying to build family lives, but as a result of finding themselves the last ones alive, we would explore their psychic baggage. I would possibly have the catalyst for the battle against Frieza be when Vegeta gets killed. 
   As I said in the what-if column, I think this would be a telling of a Dragonball story that relies on one setting; space. I would want to tell this as if I had the chance to create a new Dragonball series based entirely on the what-if. I look at Dragonball Zero as a very respectable tale of Raditz's character and I definitely credit that as an inspiration, somewhere down the road. I wish whoever is creating it the best of luck! Having worked on an animated series, I can understand the amount of pressure that's needed to finish a good series!
   I think the post-Frieza villain I would love to have is a bastard son Vegeta Jr. He would be the only other being in the universe to go Super Saiyan and as such, it would be the best fight in the whole series and end with the ultimate cliffhanger!
Welcome to the other new column I'm creating for all you Z people out there! This is created with the desire to make the exploration of my personal fanfic ideas and DBZ what-ifs two separate things that people can equally mull over and not have too much of my personal perspective in; I want to see if I can develop the what-ifs and honestly, I am creating these two columns for other people to kind of bounce fanfic ideas off of. That, and these are ideas meant to be criticized, so please comment in the thread below, so as to begin a discussion on it. They're DBZ fanfic ideas for sale, so here we go! 

Mystic Broly
Summary: After the defeat of Cell, Broly arrived on Earth after his blood was capable of reproducing into a more evolved version of himself. As the Legendary Super Saiyan, he was capable of coming back after his blood trickled through molecules of the atmosphere after Comet Kamori. While Gohan is mulling over whether or not to become a fighter again, he is suddenly gets visions at the side of a river. What could they mean? 

Comments: I was inspired by Ruga-Rell's pic of 'Mystic Broly' and thought to myself how that idea could be possible, the more I wrote in the DBZ What-Ifs columns. You can read how I'd explore it by going back through the columns in my Journal section, but I almost wouldn't want you to, if this is the type of story you'd actually read. 
  I will give this, though; my personal exploration of the story would start right at the place where this effect is imaginable and the story would largely be devoted to the telling of how it came to be, similar to Fight Club. I wouldn't stress over a consummate retelling of the entire Buu Saga after Cell; that isn't necessary. I think the problems with telling fanfics is that they can be stressful if you feel obligated to retelling whole sections of a story instead of relying on fan knowledge of the series to be your ultimate place from where to tell it. However, certain sections can be helpful, if needed to clarify something. 
  This would explore a certain relationship between Broly and Gohan, where basically I would be trying to create a character whose history is torn after a certain event completely changes the way things are going to happen. (For a disclaimer, the only thing I'd change at all in order to tell the story is Goku getting his life back after Elder Kai gives his.) Mystic Broly is a nearly impossible character to create, realistically; he's not a foe who misses much and he is seldom capable of showing a sign of remorse or redemption. As such, his story when he becomes Mystic Broly is fairly capable of entertaining the notion that he is a darker, more threatening character than Broly (I personally disagree with that). 
  Vegeta has only one option to ensure he will control Mystic Broly's persona, so that he doesn't destroy the universe. How, though? You tell me.

  The above: allow me to add this to this ongoing thread. This, too.…

So, let's begin.
 Last time, we explored the ramifications of ending Dragonball Kai at the end of the Frieza Saga, which is definitely the place from where the most storied circumstances came through; even Goku in GT said than when he was training with Uub, he hadn't been so worked since his fight with the titular villain! 
  Cell, however, is a villain who evolves in a way similar to Frieza; he exists from the circumstance that the Red Ribbon Army existed in Dragonball, as well as androids. Therefore, we are treated to a story that took us through many twists and turns. The Androids were going to be the worst villains, but the fact the Cell Games and his defeat were so momentous posed some of the best writing in anime and brought a scenario that should prove that Dragonball is not deus ex machine given its' own series. 
  However, the question on people's mind emerges from two routes. 

1. Toriyama wanted to end DBZ with the Cell Saga. 
2. Toriyama, when asked to continue, wanted to see if Gohan could be made into the main character of the series. 

  Because of Goku's popularity, Goku ended up coming back to life and defeating Buu. However, Dragonball Kai is an interesting case in my opinion, because it could've ended with any possible iteration that followed the pre-Buu manga. It could've ended with the Cell Saga; Gohan could've become the main character as an adult. What are some of the limits we're looking at? 

   Find out on Part Two.


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