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   Ladies and gentlemen, Darkness of the Spirits is currently being worked on in the form of Avatar Z. Right now, I'm trying to make a fanfic story out of Avatar Z and currently, there are two planned "books."
Light: You basically get the premise from reading Avatar: Darkness of the Spirits in my journal section.
Darkness: Here, we see Uri after a certain tragedy occurs. I can't say what that is, but you may see him being a more important character than even the first five chapters let on.

Basically, I've been wanting to do this fanfic for a long time and thankfully, I'll get to. I just need to cook it to perfection in the form of writing about it and planning it out. That, and finishing Korra Book Two. If you've read the story, you know that this is not set in the timeline of Korra; it may have some elements where it does branch off into its own idea, so that the basic concept of the Dark Avatar story can be told. Therefore, some of the spiritual dynamics of the Avatar universe may be different, in order for this story to happen. However, they are purely enforced on the basis that the first series is unchanged in its canon, which serves as the foundation. 
This is not a story involving Dragonball Z; it does, however, use 'Z" as DBZ does in the form of 'Z'/'Zetto' (Think Mazinger Z and One Piece Z; 'zetto' meaning 'last.) Basically, it's my way of telling 'a fourth book of Avatar: the Last Airbender. 

    The story you are reading below is meant to be semi-paradoxical. It serves as a prologue to Avatar Z, but in a juxtaposition of what seem to be reincarnated versions of Jet and my original character, Uri. It's set after Avatar Z, primarily because it's a short story that explores the idea of Uri and the classic character of Jet working side by side. For those who haven't read Darkness of the Spirits in my journal section, I suggest you check it out before reading this. 


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United States
Hey, guys!
I'm Shad73, I love writing! I have a lot of personal fiction to offer, as well as fanfiction! I am currently working on the following;

1. Dragonball: Future Past
Uub is a young warrior who is Goku's disciple in the martial arts! Set after Dragonball Z, this story goes into Uub's life, as he begins new adventures across the map of our favorite world! However, a change sits on the horizon that may change the fate of the world forever, as well as Uub's very life. Will Uub cope with the damage?

2. Avatar: Darkness of the Spirits
Set four years after the defeat of Ozai, this five-chapter one shot deals with Uri, a young man who meets Aang. Uri is a powerful being who eventually reveals a terrible fight within himself against a force that may prove even more powerful than Aang. This story is a prequel, but I can only tell you that! And, guess who! Surprise guest! ;)

Other works you'll find chronicled here are my other very personal writings, which will be published more and more as they become available. Three groups you can hope to find my work are;

Sorry if there isn't more up, yet. I've been really busy getting ready for college's end, but I can tell you that you'll be looking forward to great things to come!

I also have a Wordpress, so stay up to date!

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