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"What if Dragonball Kai ended at the end of the Frieza Saga?"
   This would have allowed the possibility of a continuation of Dragonball Z that could've been an alternate story from the rest of the series. 
"What if Dragonball Kai ended at the end of the Cell Saga?"
    Again, this would only be like the latter, but better. Let's get into both of these. 

    Dragonball Kai was an experiment that was kind of a primer for Battle of Gods, in some sense; we knew that it was more closely intended to follow the manga, but the Cell Saga was where Toriyama wanted it to originally end, after he wanted it to end at the Frieza Saga. Kai was not my favorite treatment of the original story; the original was my favorite. That being said, Kai is a quicker means of watching Dragonball Z, but not nearly as comprehensive. 
    I think, however, Kai could've presented a very nice chronology of Dragonball Z that would've let the story end on a more somber note. However, the only choice that Kai has really left us with in that regard is drawing alternate stories from the end of the first Budokai game. That being said, this is why I support Toriyama's direction; any alternate telling of Dragonball elements from the many possibilities of what could've happened isn't going to be told. That being said, though, Toriyama's intention for the story is to continue with how it happened, meaning he approves of how it was told.  

   However, I'm going to handle the what-if differently, today. I'm going to present you three journal entries of what kinds of stories can be told (In my opinion) following each saga, should it end there. I'm not going to go into how I'd explore it, but how it can be explored. I'll be back in a second, after I take my shower. 

1. 7.2: Frieza
2. 7.3: Cell
3. 7.4: Buu
"What if Vegeta ended up being the series' protagonist?" 
   I think it's interesting, because I look at these particular posts and feel as though they're me simply adding my two cents; I love hearing other peoples' ideas, when it comes to these types of questions. However, I think that of note is how Gohan is always touted as being the character who succeeds Goku shortly after Cell is defeated. Dragonball Z is really Goku's series, as all of Dragonball has been; this isn't the follow-up to Shaman King. Therefore, let's succeed where Dragonball Kai failed; finishing the series at the end of the Cell Saga. Let's be a little more obvious with it and stop with the trilogy bullshit: Dragonball is not a trilogy. Dragonball Z was originally supposed to be the final series involving Dragonball and if so, Dragonball Super is simply another chapter of Dragonball Z. Here we go. 

Dragonball Vegeta
A few years after the defeat of Cell, Vegeta is having great trouble settling down to the idea of family life. Musing on the fact that Trunks and Gohan became stronger than he was at a Super Saiyan level, Vegeta sees himself as having resumed his rightful place as lord of the Saiyans, if only in spirit. As such, he is shown wanting to raise Trunks in the tradition of someone like a Saiyan prince, something that even living on Earth can't deny. 
  However, he finds it hard to become stronger than he already is as a Super Saiyan, so he tries to engage contact with Gohan again to learn from him how to become a Super Saiyan 2. The two train and struggle, but Vegeta has trouble getting stronger, a struggle which only intensifies when he tries harder to get to a higher level. 

   From here, I would pursue direction. I think that it's important to give Vegeta a struggle that causes him to get more passionate as a character. Vegeta in GT was completely sullied from who he should've been; I feel like newer DBZ media explores him (And other DBZ elements) as a true reprisal of Dragonball Z elements; he is a noticeably hungrier character and I think that anything after the new media would only continue with that hunger. Vegeta remains pretty unchanged, after having accepted Goku is a stronger fighter; I was worried GT would've made him lose his edge permanently.
"What if Gohan were more of a fighter?" This one is something I've explored quite often, so why not just make an entry for it?
    The recent release of new Dragonball media is securing a development of Gohan's character that, according to Toriyama's canon, I couldn't necessarily be disappointed with because it's the canon of the legendary one. However, I was willing to point out in the previous post that a lot of people would like to see a Trunks series emulate a certain tone. Nonetheless, I am generally completely approving of Toriyama's decisions, because those alone make a better Dragonball canon. 
     Like people who would want the Trunks series to have a certain tone, I'm sure some are disappointed with the evolution of Gohan; if this wasn't Toriyama's creation, I'd be going ballistic. Nonetheless, I think that seeing Dragonball Z come to a certain end through the recent material or at least to a new era's completion (You never know how long Toriyama could want to work on this!) is something that allows certain types of character evolutions to be perfectly fascinating. 
   However, any good writer of fan fiction or comic fan fiction knows that one can't simply accept the way that an artistic direction is forever without wanting to create new versions of the same story; these can be as influential as any work by the author, because we all know that George Lucas really isn't involved with Star Wars anymore. 
   For Dragonball Z, I am perfectly fine with Gohan's evolution. Moreover, Toriyama is trying to tell a story that relies on having a new sense of struggle for Goku; being forced to be even stronger than Super Saiyan 3. It's really the end of Goku's story and Toriyama has never been one to explore alternate universes, unless they are specifically in the story. For characters who people feel could've been explored better, there's always hope for them to be explored any number of ways possible. 
   Because Gohan has developed into more of a scholarly type of figure from his characterization as a more lean, relaxed personality, I think it's a good persona. However, I think I'm writing this to show how I'd explore Gohan through the eyes of those who didn't like his development. From there, I can also explore Trunks and Gohan as characters who can follow that same idea.
   I'm warning you though... I find Toriyama's canon perfect, boys and girls. ;) That means Xenoverse, Battle of Gods, and I can't wait to watch Super and FNF. This means I'm doing this just for you.

Future Trunks Story
So, I'd explore what happened to Trunks after he defeated Cell. He starts by rebuilding the post-Android world and dealing with all the horror and suffering that humanity had to endure. While doing so, he's dismayed by all the suffering and torment he is bearing witness to, to the point he's contemplating suicide on his own sword. However, he hears a familiar voice behind and it turns out to be Goku, who is visiting for a day. 
   Goku tells him he should go to Namek to bring everyone back to life. He talks about how the Dragonballs should have widened rules and powers, so that it would be easier to restore everyone. From here, he flies with Trunks and Bulma across the universe to resurrect everyone. However, there is only one foe who stands in the way... Cooler. 
   Goku, Trunks, and Bulma arrive on Namek to discover that Meta-Cooler has invaded and is planning on using the Dragonballs to gain immortality, so he evolves from being the product of the Big Gete Star into a much more sinister and powerful foe. Trunks tells Goku to leave on the basis that Goku could get destroyed forever; this forces Trunks to do battle all by himself and for Goku to watch. With this in mind, Goku goes to collect the Dragonballs, but gets captured before he can finish the battle. As such, Trunks struggles with beating Cooler until suddenly, another warrior arrives from the Other World... Vegeta. 
   Vegeta reveals that he's reached the same level of power that Trunks has. As such, Vegeta also quickly walks Trunks through Metamorean Fusion to create a new fighter who can stand up to Meta-Cooler. Meanwhile, while Goku is captured, Supreme Kai sends him a signal telling him that his day in the world of the living has ended. While stuck in Cooler's chamber, two warriors suddenly arrive. Kibito and Supreme Kai destroy Cooler's mind while he's in the Gete Star to bring Goku back to Earth, while Vegeta can still be on Earth, due to the fact he only recently arrived. While this fighter is fighting with Cooler, the new Gete Star suddenly melts down on New Namek due to the death of Cooler. After that, all the Z-Fighters and people killed by the Androids are resurrected, except for Vegeta and Goku; they decline coming back, so that they can train with each other. After they died, it is revealed that the two of them are capable of training with each other and with this in mind, they want to become the strongest fighters living or dead. 
   When Trunks sees Gohan having returned, he is in full joy to see that he's come back. As such, the new series begins. 

    That's how I'd explore it, anyway. Again, I feel like Toriyama's handling of the story is perfect, given the fact that it's originally his. It's safe to say he's done a great job.


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