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                                                     January 29th, 2016, Friday, 2:43 P.M.

            I would like to talk about one of my biggest inspirations up to this point and why he is such a hugely influential figure. Before I begin, I want to provide some context as to my history with Dragonball Absalon and another related project, which won’t be mentioned here. 

            Back in 2012 I was already a professional musician, published singer-songwriter and a published poet whose aspirations to get back into writing stories had come when in 2010 he was finding that his journal was empty in freshman year. As a junior at Gordon College I was already gaining some recognition in my subjective sphere as a performer, so it was time to get on to my next hustle. 

            Then I had a dream one night of Gohan chasing Kid Buu around with the Z Sword and this gave me the inspiration for a fanfic called Dragonball: Future Past that was published on DeviantArt for at least forty chapters. One of my aspirations, however, was to see if I could get an animated clip for it; when I saw Dragonball Absalon’s first trailer (as opposed to the Mellavelli-created Dragonball AF trailer, which I’ll talk about in a second), I was dying to see if I could get in the project as a voice actor. 

            I saw Dragonball Absalon by chance of the fact I was already surrounded by a myriad of Dragonball fan culture I had even greater access to than in my middle school era and when I finally beheld this trailer of Goku and Vegeta fighting Cyborg, I knew I was watching something with potential. 

It is for this reason that as I was writing I tried to become a voice actor for Dragonball Absalon and was given the chance to audition for the Supreme Kai/Kibitoshin. I nearly got it, but there wasn’t found room for me, which I take absolutely no offense to. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be writing that Melvin was a genius. 

At least he’s of genius in that he was someone who took what was manifested in Dragonball AF culture by Toyble and Young Jijii and made it palatable in a form greater than a manga that I’m sure a fair number of you have read. Toyble himself would become the writer of the Dragonball Super manga, so I’m officially making the prediction that Melvin ought to be recognized for more than even someone who I see as a person whose influence is a guiding hand on the revival of our beloved Dragonball Z. 

From what I was told about Dragonball Absalon, it itself evolved from Dragonball AF as was being fashioned as a collaboration between Melvin and someone else that ended up being forced off. Eventually Mellavelli took the raw materials that were already his and expanded their narrative into what we know now as the struggle of a lord yet to be named to try and take over the realm of Absalon with help of the Saiyans. 

I can assure you that there will be no spoilers here; any discussion of plot information is being used to put the series into greater context for its’ established audience from the perspective of an Absalon sponsor: yours truly. The information that will be mentioned here is already out there, but expect me to focus more on what Melvin and his impact are, as well as why Dragonball Absalon is such a great series. 

Eventually I met a certain someone who was reading my story and was already an established animator as Melvin’s pupil. This same person who evolved from Mellavelli’s culture into someone trying to create his own animated series would be the same one I formerly worked with on my way to making this tribute. Even as that series is hopefully set to arrive, it led to greater conversation about Mellavelli that would illuminate a great number of things that I as someone who only had touch with him a few times in 2012 would have never known. 

Melvin previously made a Wolverine vs. Hulk short, as well as some Naruto fan animations and one of his own; Maximal Animation Gene (Max-Gene for short) would be the studio with which he’d create Absalon as its’ great big kiss to Dragonball culture. While I remember vividly and greatly appreciate the first episode experience, I can affably say that Melvin has evolved into someone whose work is beginning to make Dragonball Super (Note: NOT THE MOVIES) look disastrous. Even Toriyama himself is distancing from Super, so this makes the case for two tellings of Dragonball to occur at the same time. 

In fact, several tellings; Dragonball Runaways, Dragonball Doomsday, Dragonball New Age, Light of Hope, Fall of Men, and other such works are all taking the lore to degrees we are only recently seeing in the realm of comic book movies. Among them is a show that was made to restore hope for the world that Dragonball would one day return for a generation of fans that got into Dragonball Z as soon as it had ended in Japan. Japan continues to experience a dearth of certain things (Dragonball Heroes’ great uses of what-if) that Mellavelli has made available for all.

When I was working on the animated series in 2015 however, I was fully convinced that the character I was working with was someone who surpassed Mellavelli. I was seeing the style of Absalon be used in original content that seemed far more visceral; it should be added that the project itself evolved from a Dragonball fan series itself into something more original, something reassuring when I was told this young man was going to try and make money off of it. 

However, the situation that nearly did Absalon in was an infamous May 2015 scenario where Melvin was airing grievances about the series’ critics, those who were basically either running Absalon through the ring unfairly or those who feared it had failed to capitalize on its’ prior hype sitting at 12 million views for the first episode. Melvin captured both my hope and my anger in the same spirit, something that cost me my job in this animated series in the long run; I was trying to be someone whose knowledge of the project could be used to comfort both the fans and Mellavelli, something that’s tricky when on some level he offended you. 

I am certainly no longer offended, for reasons I will explain later in this article. I now see that this whole situation as a possible stroke of genius but let me get further into what I wanted to talk about. Melvin was already a professional animator by the time the third episode was bound to arrive. He was already making a living off it and with respect to the idea that he was getting mad that Dragonball Absalon lost steam I saw the whole act as an egregious attack on Toriyama’s fan based, which it was widely perceived as. 

Again, that’s not how I view it any longer. I contacted Melvin as someone close to this animator friend of mine and told him that if he was trying to surpass Toriyama at his own game he could clearly get someone else to reassure him. Nonetheless I told him he inspired waves of people to pursue animation, which is absolutely true; I also told him not to give up hope. I admit, I was fairly blunt, but a reply and a Facebook post later I knew we had victory. When I say ‘we’, I mean all of us. 

This attempt to act for Toriyama and Mellavelli at the same cost me the ability of working on the animated series I mentioned, which I am clearly proud of; that same animator friend of mine is a jackass.

Nonetheless, Melvin is far from the arrogant superstar we feared; as someone who now notes how far the episodes that have been released have come in capitalizing on previously established story goods, I now look and am in Melvin’s defense. Melvin knew what he’d be getting into with that post, but why not post it if it extended the viscera of rebellion against the idea that only Toriyama could have value in the creation of Dragonball media? That is with respect to the idea that as long as Toriyama is alive there will be this legend of a Midas touch. 

However, fictional worlds are much like comics; there is no one legend except the legend itself. After that there can be either new torches raised or the legend will stand strongest. With Dragonball Z, the former seems truer of the latter; people simply don’t want that show to die. 

Had the post been written any differently it would’ve been seen as a forlorn person expressing fear; this was someone whose anger at the time is what kept people to this day saying that Melvin made something better than Super. I see this series side by side with the movies as rolling out the scroll that is making my favorite story of all time something of even greater consciousness than it was in the nineties and early 2000s. 

Pokémon itself did nothing to keep its’ series interesting in the same way that can be done for Dragonball Z, which is why the only time you’ll ever catch me looking back (possibly) is for what I saw in that show as a kid. More often than not (despite 4Kids’ fantastic dub of Yu-Gi-Oh and the ever-awesome early 2000s TMNT), I would be watching it with subtitles.

As such, Melvin is a large player in the resurrection of Dragonball Z for a short movie that evolved into a series I hope lasts long. If 12 million views in December 2012 to only 2 million views in July for the second episode is any consolation, he only wanted his true fans. Now that we’re all watching to at least one million views and counting, I know that his desire is for the work itself. If he wanted to be Toriyama, he was clearly outmatched; if Akira was no longer with us, though, couldn’t he be the next Toriyama at least, if not one of them? 

That’s why you guys are Toriyama. You guys are the people who want to see Dragonball alive and as long as Melvin is one of us, someone creating such great hope, we can see Dragonball Z as its’ own DC Comics straight from Japan. Where else would we get Goku versus Superman? We know who wins. 

Take care, brothers and sisters. Kamehameha. 

            -NK, 3:30 P.M. 

Post-script, written February 12th, 2016, at 10:49 P.M.: I wanted to add that around the time that I talked to Melvin back in May 2015, he asked for my voice file if I could find it. The fact he wanted it with and showed that much enthusiasm means I might audition for Dragonball Abalone, eventually! :)

    Hey guys! I wanted to provide a disclaimer to the above post. 

    One of the reasons I posted is definitely to give tribute to Melvin Dompig, someone who I believe has overcome so much on his way to making Dragonball Absalon the ongoing success it's been. As someone who's gained some accolades of his own as a professional musician and writer, I can attest in earnest that there's always hard work involved. At least it's the most purifying work of all and while there are those who have talent, there are those who have gift. 
    Melvin is someone who I feel has been through a lot and he's one of the most influential figures to influence Dragonball; that's something a great number of folks never even get to achieve. The next best thing might as well be someone who's trying to bring the legacy back to life and he does it quite like Toriyama has been doing, but as a fan and not the creator. While that attenuates obvious scrutiny to it, I have great respect for him and want to pay tribute through this piece on my Tumblr. 
    Now, this piece is meant to be a respectful tribute to him. If I see any negative comments, they will be deleted. If I see a lot of them, the piece will be deleted. Be respectful to other commenters. 

Hey guys! If you want to read more of the fanfic 'Dragonball Z', let me know! I think you'd like what kind of direction the story would take! ;)
   "In another world, Goku was transformed into a child by a wish made on a form of Dragon Balls that would detonate the earth if they weren't gathered in one year; the result of that was having to fight a foe who possessed Vegeta's body. 
    "As a result, Goku and Vegeta eventually learned how to implement Super Saiyan into the process of becoming Super Saiyan 4. However, Goku was taken by Shenron after the Dragonballs could not be used for another hundred years to train with the great dragon." 
    Whis asked, "Why couldn't they be used any longer?" 
    Beerus replied, "Because they would accumulate more dark energy for the creation of great evil dragons that would destroy Earth. When Goku returned from training my counterpart Danyels was curious to find out the extents necessary to fight me. King Kai told him of the Super Saiyan God legend, but there were only a few more Saiyan descendants left on Earth that would be too tedious to identify. Danyels eventually grew bored (unlike me)..."
    Whis muttered, "I've seen you pretty bored, before." 
     Beerus yelled, "Would you shut up and listen to the story I'm trying to tell you?" 
    Like that, Beerus' former teacher cowered at the fear evident in his pupil's eyes, saying, "Yes, Lord Beerus!" 
    "After destroying Earth before his eyes, Danyels' provocation was that he knew Goku could not use the power of Shenron to restore Earth after he already saved his granddaughter Pan from dying, a wish he granted to his latest descendant. As a result, knowing this irked Goku enough that he strained the dragon living inside him to the point where he jumped so many levels up from the Great Ape version of a Super Saiyan, becoming powerful enough to kill Danyels with one final Kamehameha Wave. 
    "It didn't matter; Goku's use of Shenron's power corrupted him and rekindled his rage from before his head injury, making him Kakarot once more. Rather, it's more well stated that Kakarot came out of his infant amnesia." 
    Whis yelled, "What? We're all doomed!" 
    "Not if we tell Goku that he needs to stop using that energy! Not even I can face him without arousing the possibility that Goku will think I'm coming to destroy Earth!" 


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