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Hey, guys! Long time, no see; sorry if I've been quiet lately with everything you've seen except a fictional project you may have seen work for. It's called the Last Pretense and the works you've seen (Monkey/The Character of Gotham) are part of the project. Allow me to clarify the purpose of both: 
  • Monkey: As you will read in the comments for the little snippet I've released, this is a story about a police officer influenced highly by Costigan and Sullivan from the Departed, as well as Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs. The idea is to explore him in both settings as he tries to take down a businessman with connections to human trafficking. However, the antagonist is explored at the same time as someone who is slowly losing his mind. The story is meant to be read as the bleaching of two narrators into one short story.
  • The Character(Of Gotham): The Character is a story unrelated to Batman, unlike its working title. The working title was meant as a means to construct the type of character I wanted to portray in the short story. It's not plagiarism, because I was merely trying to put my mind in a place where the character of 'Nicholas' in this short epic would be able to adopt a guise necessary to fight his foes. 'Of Gotham' is more of a tribute than anything else. I promise you that. 
    The Last Pretense is a story which I'll be putting 'rough draft' sections of online, in the weeks to come. You'll see what it's about, when you start reading it. You'll be curious as to how these two previous sections are related, but think of 'the Character of Gotham' as the intro to the Last Pretense.

   As for the other work you've seen for Avatar Z(Avatar: Darkness of the Spirits), I've left the original work up but have taken down the Jet the Younger story. I have decided to cancel Avatar Z and leave Darkness of the Spirits up, primarily because I've seen Book Two of Korra. I'll explain that in the paragraph below. 

    When I saw Book Two of Legend of Korra, the story really hit me in the gut as a powerful arc that brought the story to help round out dimensions of Avatar that weren't explained, before. Ultimately, the 'Dark Avatar' concept was something that I did not realize would gain so much proportion as Unalaq so gracefully and complexly fulfilled. As a result, my crafting of Uri's character is something that really had a strong basis in 2012, but has helped develop aspects of fiction and fan fiction that I want to utilize later. I think that Book Two is one of the strongest DVDs in my entire collection of video games and DVDs and as a result, I think going forward with my story becomes best summarized as one of three things; 
  1. A typical attempt to tell a story after Book Three of the original story, using the 'Dark Avatar' idea. 
  2. A mere attempt to change the chemistry of the Raava/Vaatu concept that would not bode well with something so well-formulated. 
  3. I can't think of a third thing, even. 
    I think it's a good thing, however, that I don't want to go forward with it; I want to explore Avatar fan fiction in a new light, seeing how Legend of Korra has so strongly taken its concepts into a prime of their own. If I may, Avatar has done well what Dragonball Z was forcibly finished to do; have a sequel. 
   If I may, Dragonball is a harder fan fiction zone to work with, because GT is something that obviously entails controversial details to this day. If not that, then the details are basically being worked over with new movies to follow, proving that Akira Toriyama is not done. If so, GT becomes a drawing board for what comes next in its own sense. With respect to the luck that I had to catch Avatar as it was beginning I am glad to see the better half as it started, whereas many Dragonball Z fans came late as their favorite series began in America for them just as it ended in Japan. 

  However, Dragonball: Future Past is obviously not cancelled. I am still working on that and you can be assured that's not finished.


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