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(7:47 A.M.) 

So, I'm proud to say that the novel version of Journey Flawless is getting edited by my genius, Nathan King. Also, I'm going to be editing the Character or showing it to a few friends of mine, better put. I've been trying to gain perspective on good my story is and recently, I've been trying to make some sense of the ingredients I have for my story. 

    I'm also inquiring of MeoWMatsu whether it's going to be possible for her to resume my commission, which is the first in a list of planned commissions I have to wrap up Future Past: 
1. Mural II
2. Gotenks SS5
3. Hanuub 
4. Beerusuub 

    If not Beerusuub and Hanuub, then Goku and Vegeta Dragon Hunter for RyugaSSJ3. Either way, I've wanted to return the favor for Ryuga's great job as being one of the biggest fans of Future Past; we even worked on a DB rewrite called Dragon Hunter for a while and in my gallery, you can see that I used the MKArmageddon character creator to design some concepts. 
    As for my stories, I've been getting some exposure through my Intermediate Screenwriting course, the fact my Mom and brother have been editing my recent work (Two novels), and you guys on DeviantArt have been very helpful. Whoever's reading this, thank you. 

   I was looking back at Avatar Z and Dragonball: Future Past and let me tell you, I'm definitely bringing those back at some point. For now they're dead, but that doesn't mean they're fully dead. Avatar Z is a story I'd love to generate concept art for, beyond the Turtlechan commission that he excellently did of Uri. I'd even love to have a mural of Uri, Anselmo, Korra, Katara, Aang, Joni, and Demri. Avatar Z was a story I loved working on and hell, I'm surprised that pic of Uri hasn't gone extremely viral; that pic is Turtlechan's fault, not mine. ;) 

   As for anime I've been watching lately, I haven't had the luxury of watching anything other than the first episodes of Psycho Pass and Tokyo Ghoul; Battle of Gods was also the last full anime I saw. I can tell you that it changed my life. The way I see it, it has set DBZ into two canons; the GT canon and the Battle of Gods/Z canon. I'd love to write a post-GT fanfic about Goku.Jr.

    I've wanted to watch Smallville's first season on DVD, as well as Akira and Cowboy Bebop, which I just recently got on DVD. I've just been so busy with shit at school. I watched Samurai Champloo earlier in the year and that anime is fantastic; I have the whole series on DVD and let me tell you, it's no surprise that Aaron McGruder took influence from that series for the Boondocks. I should add that I have the Boondocks' first three seasons and they are flipping fantastic! Do yourself a favor, though, and don't watch the fourth season. Aaron's not involved. 



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